Friday, March 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4:new dimension in smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S4:new dimension in smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S4 a new dimension in smartphones has been revealed in the Newyork city for the first time.All the gadet specialist have a different though and expectation with Samsung Galaxy S4 and it's dimensional review.
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What is the features and performance of new Samsung Galaxy S4 is a burning question of today's gadgets specialist and the gadget lovers.Now, I am going to discuss about the new Samsung Galaxy S4 features and it's performance.Samsung Galaxy S4:new dimension in smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy S4 brings a huge Full HD screen, an improved camera and faster innards, and fits in all in a chassis the same size as the Galaxy S3.Samsung Galaxy S4.

However, many will struggle to tell the difference between the S4 and its predecessor, as the polycarbonate chassis is still in use, although the metallic banding around the side, while still plastic, is much sturdier and feels more premium.Samsung Galaxy S4:new dimension in smartphones

samsung, galaxy S4, galaxy S4 review

Features of Samsung Galaxy S4:

  • Size:Samsung Galaxy S4 has a  dimensions of 69.8mm x 136.6mm and 7.9mm thick.
  • Screen's: Samsung Galaxy S4 Super AMOLED screen seems brighter and is clearly a lot sharper with  441 pixels-per-inch resolution.The gigantic 5-inch screen is probably the phone's most striking Feature.
  • Camera:The rear-facing camera has a 13-megapixel sensor with auto-focus and the capability to record 1080p video and there's also a secondary front-facing camera at 2-megapixels. First-up is dual shot, which allows you to use both the front-facing and back-facing cameras simultaneously.
  • Camera Feature: Galaxy S4 has added more feature in camera like ,Drama Shot, that stiches multiple burst shots together into one image.
  • Processor: Processor clocking in at 1.6Ghz, which makes for a pretty zippy experience when navigating the UI and switching between apps
  • RAM: Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 2GB RAM.
  • Memory Storage:It has 16, 32 or 64GB onboard storage with the option of micro SD up to 64GB.
  • Battery: 2,600mAH battery on board.
  • Weight:Weighing it at 130g
  • Interior:Exterior buttons are fairly similar to the Galaxy S3 with the on/off button on the right hand-side, volume rocker on the left, headphone jack on the top and charging port on the bottom as per the Samsung Galaxy S3. The only other exterior button is the home button on the bottom of the device, under the screen.
  • Color:It'll be available in black and white at launch.
Other feature like Smart Pause, there's also Smart Scroll, Air View  , gesture-based feature is Air Gesture has also added to Samsung Galaxy S4.
Release Date: Samsung Galaxy S4 will  release on 26 April 2013.

From the feature's above I can say that the  will be next next dimensional phone that will leads the world and will take a clear place in the world of smartphones like iPhone.So, for the real fact we will have to wait for the release and it's future.Hope you like this post and keep in touch for more

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Speed up internet browser Mozilla Firefox 2013

Speed up internet browser Mozilla Firefox 2013

  Speed up internet browser Mozilla Firefox 2013- Now-a-days for the up-growing numbers of ads on a website page makes the webpage becomes slower to load or it will take much more time to open a website or a webpage due to large number of ads or for slow internet connection.No doubt it will occur when you visit a website for the first time.Speed up internet browser Mozilla Firefox 2013.

   But when the browser default save the data of that specific website on your computer hard-drive then the website takes much less time comparing with time you have visited the site for the first time.The delay of time is happened for the browser caching.Speed up internet browser Mozilla Firefox 2013

   When you select your RAM with change to your hard-drive for that particular browser caching then the time of caching is gradually less.Then your website will loaded with a twinkle of eye, whatever your internet speed was.Speed up internet browser Mozilla Firefox 2013.

Speed up internet browser Mozilla Firefox 2013

Now, I am going to show you when you are using world's most famous web browser Mozilla Firefox. Just follow these steps.
1. Go to your web browser's Address Bar and then write about:config .....and then press enter button.

2. Here click on I be careful,I promise(shown in the picture).

3. Then go to search box and write browser.cache.disk.enable find it and Click it for two times and make it False.

4. Also browser.cache.memory.enable True.

5. Now right click on any where and click to new-integer

Here write browser.cache.memory.capacity and press Ok and at the next box write 10000(100 Megabite) and then click OK.

7. Again on the search option write Pipelining and press enter.

8. Then search for network.http.pipelining , then press it for two times and make it False to True.

9. Then keep the value of network.http.pipelining.maxrequest from 4 to 10(any number from 4 to 10)

Now, you are done!
Just close the browser and re-open it Or see the video!

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Monday, March 4, 2013

How to lock files and folder with password

How to lock files and folder with password

How to lock files and folder with password - Sometimes we need to lock files and folders with password.We need to do that to make the folders safe or protect them from being watched by others.
How to lock files and folder with password- This needs to be essential when the files is our official or some other important work related or which is not gone be shown to others.

How to lock files and folder with password- So, we need to lock the folders to make it private, while ones computer is used by others people of the family or a computer which is used in a family purpose. How to lock files and folder with password-So, I am going to show you how anyone can lock his folder from unexpected interference. For doing this you need to follow only these steps.

How to lock files and folder with password

We can do it by a very small size(303KB) software named EASY FILE LOCKER and this will help you to lock your files and folder.

1.First you have to install the easy file locker software on your computer.For doing this just go to this site:    Then download and install the software  on your computer.

2.After installation open the software, then go to SYSTEM LIST and then select set password. It is important to select at-least 6 characters for the password.

3.Then to took your desire file or folder go to EDIT and ADD FILE option.

4.Here you can easily lock the folder or file both(Or only one, file/folder).

5.Now select the file or folder you want to lock and indicate it from the Path..

6.Then unmark the ACCESSIBLE and click on OK.

7.Here an important thing , if you unmark the visible. the file will be invisible to other's. If you want to visible it to other's then just click on the easy file locker software; open it and then click on EDIT then select Toggle- Status. Then the file will visible again.

By following these steps you can lock a folder or files with pass word. Hope you like it and make a honest and desirable use of it.If you like it please share it.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to speed up u-torrent

How to speed up u-torrent

How to speed up u-torrent-Well we all have used u-torrent so far and knows it's usage.Many times we have used it for downloading a file from torrent sites like extratorrent. Well we all use it for download some free movies and all like that.

µTorrent is a free-of-charge, ad-supported, closed source BitTorrent client owned by BitTorrent, Inc.The program has received consistently good reviews for its feature set, performance, stability, and support for older hardware and versions of Windows.µTorrent is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.[17] A µTorrent Server is also available for Linux. All versions are written in C++.

But many times we don't accrue the best speed using u-torrent.Otherwise torrent's are related on seeds and other complication's.How to speed up u-torrent To minimize these problems

 I am going to show you how you can remove these problems by your  IDM.How to speed up u-torrent Well, in this article I am going to show you how you can use your IDM in exchange of u-torrent, which is able to give you more fast and accurate download speed.To do it you have to follow some basic steps.How to speed up u-torrent

How to speed up u-torrent

1.First you have to get the torrent file which you want to download.then you have to go to -> ZBIGZ  website.

2.After that you have to signup on that site. Then confirm it through conformation mail.

3. Then go to the site and click UPLOAD . torrent file and select your torrent file that you have downloaded.

4.After that click on GO and at the new window click on Free. Then it will take some times to Caching the file to use upon IDM .

5.Now your torrent file is ready to download with IDM except u-torrent or bit-torrent.

6.Then just click on ZIP or Download button to start the download process with IDM.

By following these steps you can easily speed up your u-torrent or bit-torrent software.Follow these simple steps and you can make it your own. Hope you like the post. For further query please comment below or contact with me.